Permanently Delete Files

Permanently Delete Files

Why you should permanently delete files from your computer

Do you know that files you have previously deleted are not actually removed and can easily be restored? So every file you previously deleted, still remain on your hard drive. If you share computer with others or you're going to sell your computer it could be critical. You should permanently delete files from your computer without any chances to restore them.
If you use the Windows 'Delete' option or even format your hard drive, your files can be easily recovered as Windows simply removes the references to the deleted files from the file system, but all information is still stored on your computer and can be accessed by others.

To permanently delete sensitive files from your computer, removable disks, USB drives, memory sticks and picture cards beyond recovery you should use special software. There are a lot of programs that can delete files permanently. With delete files permanently software you can easily erase files and wipe free space.

How to permanently delete files from computer

If you want to delete files permanently, these files must be completely overwritten while deleting

How to delete files permanently

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