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Online Privacy Links

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Check My IP location
My IP whois information
Internet Privacy test
Check IP geo location
My IP Address
Proxy Test/Proxy Judge
Check site geo location
IP Address Whois
Java IP Test
Free CGI Proxy List - offers CGI proxy list

Digital Cyber Soft - Large list of proxies updated hourly.

Free Web Proxy List - list of web proxies

My-Proxy - Site about proxy knowledge & security tech, also provide free proxy list & useful tools

Encryption Software Review

How to Hide Browser

Best Proxy List - offers list of proxy web sites

Internet-Access-Control.us - Internet Access Control Software. Keep Children Safe on Internet

Freeware Downloads - your source of free software

Wipe Files - permanently wipe files from your hard drive

Delete Files Permanently - removes all unwanted files forever

Security and Internet Software Folder - offers computer security, password protection, e-mail, internet software, puzzle games. Software reviews, screenshots, and downloads.

Erase All History - learn how to erase Internet history

Download free software - only free tools for Windows

Free Internet history eraser - tips to protect your privacy and delete Internet and computer activity tracks

Delete History - free delete browser history software for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Netscape.

Internet-Access-Control.us - Internet Security Software. Keep Children Safe on Internet.

Question of the Day

• What do I do to disable cookies in Opera?

To disable cookies in Opera 8:
Open the Tools menu.
Select Preferences to open Dialog box.
Open the Advanced tab.
Select "Cookies".
Select "Refuse all cookies" in Normal cookies combo box and/or Third-party cookies combo box depending on your needs.
Click OK.

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